Thursday, January 21, 2021

Stayin’ Fuckin’ saf’ Day 311

It’s almost my second quarantine birthday. Unfortunately I have done nothing fun with my 33rd year. Well that’s not true. Sorry to lie to you. I usually admit it right after I fib, or feel guilt unbearable.
The girl model of frog and i slept in a Durango SLT in Pismo, then got a hotel night two and I watched silent films when she passed out.
It was a fun trip, 2 days, avoiding the maskless n cops and LA “people.”
I went to Tahoe and sledded backwards down a hill nearly permanently damaging my tailbone.
I got into VR.
I’m doin damn well comparatively.
Here’s to the last 9 weeks of year 33! Cheers! To partial sobriety and zorging out hard core, norm core and soft core.
Love you,
The Raver Tip Guy