Monday, December 9, 2019

The Raver Tip ed. 1

The Raver Tip wants to exist in a non-digital world. However, to accomodate the joy of spreading wisdom/ foolishness a redacted version of edition 1 lay here before your sweet raver pupils. What did we take out? Curses, punchlines, passive verbs, incrimination all failed our AI’s protocol. So, the only way to get the real thing would be to find me at a rave or go ahead and purchase a mail subscription. The Tip has grown to 27 editions, and it took 40 months to put this online. So at a linear rate,you will always be 3 years behind. So grab the real thing (not available at stores; only bars, clubs, raves, campouts and in your mailbox).

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Writing Process

Writer’s block lives just around the block. Here in this picture I share a part of my writing process which can help me get past that initial barrier. I make lists of words I want to know, or like, or want to know better while I read. I am not the type of person to stop and say “oh what does MILCH mean,” stop reading and look it up. I just write it down if I can reach my pen without getting up and jot it down quickly. Then, later, if I feel like writing but not quite feeling it, I take out the paper (doubles as my bookmark) and look up a few words (MILCH denotes a cow or animal used for milk).

Sometimes I just look over the completed ones when I’m writing to look for spicy words. Since I use a typewriter typos have a firm residence in my work, so I don’t really care if I use these new words just perfectly correct.

I don’t aim for mastering these word definitions and don’t study them. It would be nice to say I have added a couple to my vocabulary, but mostly these lists function as kindling for writing (not literally).