Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Writing Process

Writer’s block lives just around the block. Here in this picture I share a part of my writing process which can help me get past that initial barrier. I make lists of words I want to know, or like, or want to know better while I read. I am not the type of person to stop and say “oh what does MILCH mean,” stop reading and look it up. I just write it down if I can reach my pen without getting up and jot it down quickly. Then, later, if I feel like writing but not quite feeling it, I take out the paper (doubles as my bookmark) and look up a few words (MILCH denotes a cow or animal used for milk).

Sometimes I just look over the completed ones when I’m writing to look for spicy words. Since I use a typewriter typos have a firm residence in my work, so I don’t really care if I use these new words just perfectly correct.

I don’t aim for mastering these word definitions and don’t study them. It would be nice to say I have added a couple to my vocabulary, but mostly these lists function as kindling for writing (not literally). 

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