Saturday, June 8, 2019

Typewriter #3 Goes Down

The Raver Tip graciously received a generous donation of 2 Brother StudentRiter XL1s from superfans. Unfortunately, amidst a breaking of the damn dam they call Writer’s Block some god forsaken injury occured to the away team Typewriter (#3). Maybe typewriter #3 has a contract with the Warriors. All of a sudden the ribbon started to ride too high, so the “thwackers” -anvils with the letters on the end- would not hit the ribbon. 
  Guess this bad boy needs to go to the shop, if it can’t be fixed on my near homeless guy budget, we need to consider a last will and testament.

There’s Jeremy Mayer that turns typewriter parts into sculptures

Roof Test it.
Viva la science, a 40 story fall into jello would be a fitting end for such a loyal servant.

3) Sell it out to Hollywood.
Maybe we could destroy it on film. Would be poetic to use a Super 8. If I could find my super 8 camera (grandma probably threw it away) and get that repaired... Dear Money, why have you forsaken me? But yes, M-80s and an iphone slow motion video comes to mind. Rest in pieces word machine!

But whatever! We just got an analog JC Penney Caravele 12 typewriter, that’s the fourth for those keeping score, which may need some refurbishing. Sticking it to the man without a power chord must be prioritized.

Here’s some images of what’s going on with #3 that won’t make sense unless yur a retro machine nerd.
The blue thing (ribbon) is supposed to be way lower.
Probably nothing wrong here, just looks techno.

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