Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Deer in a Rave Light

For the first time in 3 weeks I departed ways from a typewriter. After bringing my travel type buddy along to Mexico and Alaska, I thought we both needed a break. Big mistake. Well, no we needed a break. I don’t know whT I’m saying... I left it at home instead of taking it to the woods. Wow this paragraph sure fell down outta the gates. 
Fuck words, I’m still drain bread from the rave this last weekend. What an idiot! Here’s some pics.. I took 4 or 5 the entire time :)
Horrible plastic packaging for “LED”s which contribute to the major problem of plastic! Can I get a goddamn candle or halogen please!! LEDs and those curly bulbs can suck one.
Mama deer, trying to eat Kat’s crackers or licorice
Mama deer inspecting my bullshit cooler without a drain valve (desperately lacking ice, beer and easy to eat food as well). & cute little ones in background.
Excellent diagram/ map for Deringer to find a camp spot.
Cute cat tapestry saving our asses from the cruel sun
Bringing records to the closing dj to “help” his 6/7/8 hr marathon set. He played it! Woot. Hurray for ocean waves captured on vinyl, viva hawaii!

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