Tuesday, July 2, 2019

So the Beautiful Song Bird’s Singing Woke Me Up

Now I lay wide awake, unwanting to get up and accidentally wake up the rest of the house. Whatever bird sang those tunes though... wow, really dropped some hot notes. Chilling. Sounded almost like techno, but all analog and beautiful, such range this avion possesses. Seriously, humans suck at singing, like all of them, compared to this bird. Phenomenal work, couldn't be more impressed. Anyway, the song riveted me into consciousness and so here I am trawling the web for cheap shit for The Raver Tip booth. Big announcement coming soon!
But yes here are some of the gems I found in the weehours:
Probably just as worthless as a dremel drill, but possibly the newest thing since the typewriter.

Slanging dogs

I may actually cop some cbd juice

A full rave in 9-16 seat segments

Pretty serious about upgrading my pathetic comforter game too, maybe not during the 100• weather though. Or... buy low, sell high? Get it now?

Pretty dope, maybe I’ll put in one of those asshole half price offers. Really don’t need a motorcycle tho. Focus...

Clearly the oldest golf cart on the paths today.

Well that does it for tonight. Shopping complete without blowing any holes in any accounts.

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